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The translation, editing and revision work by Studio Lucca Traduce is directed at a broad spectrum of clients, from mechanical engineering companies to naval shipyards, from the chemical field to the field of electronics and IT, from paper production to the world of culture and includes many companies abroad.

Studio Lucca Traduce
caters to
Public agencies/offices
Professional studios
Communication agencies
Private individuals

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Thanks to the wide-ranging experience of its staff, Studio Lucca Traduce has perfected a timely and accurate work method that entails attributing a project to a team comprised of a translator and editor/proofreader. The use of modern assisted translation software for large projects ensures coherence and accuracy of the translation, top precision as well as competitive delivery times and costs.
The Studio is registered with the Court of Lucca, guaranteeing additional competence and professionalism when dealing with legal translations.

A few examples of the type of translations we handle:

Corporate procedures and policies
Legal documents
Institutional and marketing projects

Where we are

The position of Studio Lucca Traduce’s operations office within a co-working office space at the Polo Tecnologico Lucchese constitutes an added value to the services available, because it offers clients the chance to cooperate with other companies established there, such as communications agencies, graphic studios, software and applications developers.

Operations office

Polo Tecnologico Lucchese
Via della Chiesa XXXII, trav I n.231
Sorbano - Lucca (Italy)
+39 328 0521010
+39 329 3979661